Costa Esmeralda


Bombinhas is located on the northern coast of Santa Catarina between Balneário Camboriú and Florianópolis, on the Costa Esmeralda peninsula.

Bombinhas draws attention to the preserved nature. Surrounded by natural beauties, on both sides and behind, there are hills of the Atlantic Forest and, in front, one of the most clear seas that can be found in the State.

Colonized by the Azoreans, Bombinhas maintains the traditions through gastronomy based on stews of seafood; And the folklore, always present in the religious festivals. The proximity of the Marine Biological Reserve of Arvoredo and the good conditions of water visibility make that the beach is also known as the Brazilian capital of ecological diving. In Bombinhas, there are the main schools and diving instructors, with daily departures to the coast of the peninsula and in the southern part of Arvoredo Island.

At last, a paradise that combines tourism, ecology and culture. The city has several leisure options for you that want to rest, surf, swim, dive and venture.

So, enjoy your visit to Bombinhas and do dives, boat trips, visit the museums. etc

For more information visit the website of the Bombinhas Tourism Department.



Porto Belo

Distant 60 kilometers from Florianópolis and neighboring Bombinhas and Itapema, Porto Belo has beautiful natural attractions. Considered the best natural port in Brazil, in recent years it has been used as an anchorage for large ships that carry out sea cruises. The main attraction of the city is João da Cunha Island, also known as Porto Belo Island, 900 meters from the mainland. The green of the Atlantic forest and the almost wild beauty of its beaches, enchant the tourists who find there a perfect nook to enjoy their vacations.

In the center of the city is located the Praça dos Pescadores, a typical place with strong Azorean features and a starting point for the Island of Porto Belo. From there it is possible to have an overview of the Porto Belo beach with its calm waters.

For more information visit the website of the Secretary of Tourism of Porto Belo.




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