About Bombinhas

The township of Bombinhas is located in the northern coastline of Santa Catarina between Camboriu Beach Resort and Florianopolis, in the peninsula of Costa Esmeralda.

Bombinhas calls our attention because of its preserved natural environment. Surrounded by natural beauties, there are morros of Atlantic Forest beside and behind it and, in front of it, one of the clearest seas that can be found in the State.

The proximity of Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve and the good visibility conditions of the waters make the beach also known as the Brazilian capital of ecological diving.

Colonized by Azorians, Bombinhas keeps its traditions through its gastronomy based on “aldeiradas” of sea food and piron, and its folklore, always present in religious festivals.

In conclusion, a paradise that combines tourism, ecology and culture.   

For more information visit the site of the  Tourism Secretary of Bombinhas.

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INDOMIT Bombinhas Trail Marathon